Skateboarding Product Reviews

Independent Rowley Trucks

The new Rowley 139

The man from Liverpool destroys everything in his way and has arguably the one most fearless approach to skateboarding that’s ever existed! Rowley is on his second pro truck for Independent and as one would expect, it’s another beautifully crafted set of hangers!

The stage 10 trucks are perfectly balanced between Indy’s famous fast action geometry, their classic look with lightweight hollow bodied hangers that have no hang up yoke and pivot cavity, as well as their well known rugged base plate.

The trucks features 356 T6 aluminium hangers and base plates with 4140 chromoly steel axles that come with reduced length rolled threads. Stage 10 also offers grade 8 kingpins which come with high-rebound cushions for a rapid response, something you know Independent does best and they never fail!

I’ve only had these for a couple of months, but they are really good and they certainly work well for my style of skateboarding. My last set of Indy’s were probably close to a year old before I swapped them for these and they had life in them yet! I skate on average 3-5 times a week, be it street, bowls, hips, ledges or rails and they’ve never failed me. I need full confidence in my trucks when I roll up to anything and Independent has always offered me that, so I’m down for life.

Guaranteed for life motherfucker!