Independent Masters shirt and Screaming tee

independent_trucks_masters_shirtIndependent Trucks have a great selection on winter wear to keep your cockles warm in the deep freeze over the next few months.

We were sent one of these Masters cotton flannel shirts last week to put to the test and were not disappointed. The flannel itself is super warm and ridiculously soft, almost like fuzzy felt on first touch but stronger of course. Double breast pockets that are big enough for your wallet are the focal point of the design that comes with minimal branding. A small Indy logo is stitched on the left hand breast pocket and on the inside of the final button area but that’s it. Note that these also come in red/black and green black lumberjack style.

To completely conquer the cold you can check out Independent’s new t-shirt range to wear underneath, particularly the Screaming tee that is velvet to the touch with it’s 100% cotton and discharge fade print.

If the words soft, snug, cozy and warm are music to your ears this winter then look no further. Head to to pick these up.