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Independent – DN Killer Jacket

With winter looming and talks of snow, I headed out and hooked myself up with a descent winter warmer to help me stand strong in this far from desired cold weather that hangs around for 6 months too long.

Independent have a reputation for coming up with bad ass apparel and they seem to hit the spot time and time again when they reveal the latest additions to they’re catalogue with some heavy hitters for the likes of you lot to crave.

Fight fire with fire was never something I really put on my daily bread, but I chose to approach the dark season with a dark jacket, a phenomenon I found quite fitting for this occasion. Navarrette’s Killer Jacket on Indy fits this profile scarily and I made sure it’s my must have for these treacherous times.

After ordering the ‘baddest’ jacket on the block, my excitement 10 folded when the dog saw the rabbit and realized how desirable it actually is! The outside is 100% pure cotton woven so tightly it could probably withstand the gnarliest sand storm the Sahara desert can throw at you, it’s a tough bastard. The most enjoyable feature of the jacket is the oxblood red quilted satin lining that runs wild underneath the tough exterior and slides ever so comfortably onto your back. The zipper has the independent cross on it whilst your left breast bears a red spade that too holds an Indy cross within it’s embroidery. It also holds a nasty habit pocket on the left arm, an interior pocket for your precious belongings and a hidden stash pocket around the left cuff!

This bastard is warm and cozy and wont leave you out of pockets either, it’s a wise choice by my standards and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the finer details that makes it a pioneer in it’s field. for the full story.

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