Skateboarding Product Reviews

I-Path Yogi

The infamous I-path Yogi is a shoe well know by skaters everywhere. Designed by ‘hippie’ pro skater Matt Field. The shoes I had were the suede version and were black.

The shoe looks simple but feels nice and is very functional. It has a well padded tongue with a relatively large stash pocket in the front. They have gel insoles to absorb shock and the soles are very flexible which leaves you with a comfortable board feel.

The sole is very grippy even with worn down griptape but not too grippy. Just right for the balance between Ollies and flip tricks. While I have been skating in the shoes I found it easy to get used to them from my old shoes (88’s) and have found a lot of tricks have become easier.

Overall this shoe has been excellent to skate in and I would definitely consider getting another pair in the future. for all the spiel.

Chris Arundel