HUF Cromer shoe review


With Spring giving us all it has to bring us sunshine and dry pavements maybe it’s time to refresh those kicks and treat your feet to a new pair of shoes. HUF have a great selection up for grabs right now but their simple pro shoe for Brad Cromer have not gone unnoticed.

These come packed with a re-enforced rubber toe cap and heel for ollie abuse and general impact. You know the ones – the ones that HUF put on a skate shoe only to be copied by Converse. The ones that forced this letter/advert back in 2014 when Hufnagel’s crew called them out hard.

These simple summer kicks come in either leather or canvas and need a little bit of time to break in but when they go, it’s cushioned feet time for you as a bonus for supporting a skater owned company which is your only job as a skateboarder. Find them in your local skater owned shop.