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Hubba 53mm Multi Colour All Terrains

With all my speed wobbles and sketchiness, I managed to flatspot a set of Spitfires so badly, my board actually sounded like Zac’s exhaust! So i was a little dubious in trying another set of coloured wheels, but when I saw these gems, all reservations fell away.

Hubba Wheels are relatively new to the industry but they seem to know what they doing. Eyebrows were raised when they made this pack of “lifesavers” though and they had sat at Crossfire HQ looking for an owner for over a month. Usually product comes and goes within days but no one wanted the clown wheels, apart from me! These 53mm wheels are nicely shaped but each wheel is a different colour – talk about breaking the white wheel rule! These take the full piss.

Due to the dye used to colour them, they are a little soft, but that is nice and forgiving on some of the lovely terrain we have to deal with in the UK. On the day I chose to break these in, the terrain was mud. Harlow skate park had been covered in mud by rain and morons with mountainbikes so as it turns out, these wheels are pretty good on mud – and even better on concrete.

I have had more compliments on these wheels in 3 sessions than i have had in the 25 years of skating combined. Yes they are mad and no, you won’t look like everyone else. The wheels are pretty skinny, with a continuous camber. They are very light and definitely better suited for street. Tthe camber makes rail and ledge tricks lock and pop out nicely, and the skinny profile helps you slide/sketch out of things. I used to be part of the white wheel faithful, but these guys have shown me that you can make a quality dyed wheel work and I would definitely recommend these to anyone. for more.

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