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Heathen Skateboards

Clipper – 8″

FACT: If your riding something unfamiliar, people tend to ask questions…Is it a new company? Who makes it? Who distributes it? and most importantly, IS IT BRITISH?

Well over the last couple of weeks, these were questions I failed to answer confidently as I knew just about as much about this new board company as the rest of you do! But one question I did often get asked, was whether or not this was a cool ride, my answer to this normally went along the lines of: “being cool is not as cool as you think, but the board fucking rocks!”…Literally…and yes, it is BRITISH!

I’m not used to riding a wood with a lot of bend and have to be honest, the concave on this particular model is noticeable to say the least, but I’ve come to realise that its not a bad thing. It’s rather comfortable and hasn’t bothered me in the slightest.

The nose has a significant lift, which leaves your nollies and switch ollies bit of getting used to, but nothing out of the ordinary for anyone who doesn’t ride the same board all the time. The tail lift comes in a bit more on the mellow side and is longer than what I’ve been used to in the past, but I think this new flavour has grown on me immensely.

It’s kind of like riding a J-LO skateboard; the tail needs an acquired taste, but it’s got plenty of room for every possible position and makes for a lovely pop shuvit. The width of my wood is about 8 inches and people keep saying it’s a beast, but I find it pleasant and feel comfortable with the size. It’s solid as a rock and feels a bit like Canadian maple, the kind that would stand tall in the event of any natural disaster. It’s not a light weight by any means, so be prepared to ride the beast if you choose to fight IT!

Find them at your local skater owned shop and visit the pirates that make these planks direct with all team and product updates at

Live Fast, Ride Fast: 2P