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Globe Pyrenex Sasquatch Jacket

Winter’s are bloody hard work, it gets damp, we all get frozen and spend most of our time cold. But not any more, because Globe have teamed up for a collaboration with Pyrenex to bring you the ultimate in warmth.

Who are Pyrenex i hear you say? Well, they have over 150 years experience of delivering warm clothes and have delivered the ultimate winter jacket here hands down. I’m not kidding when i say that this jacket is THE warmest i have ever had the pleasure of wearing. It’s all thanks to the 70% down and 30% feathers that fill this jacket all over and i guess the best way to describe it is that it’s like wearing a sleeping bag into the streets and is most comfortable.

Pocketwise it has the lot including 2 inside i-pod pockets, one with a slit for your earphones to wire through, big warm front pockets that have a side option and also breast pockets that are so warm you could insert and egg and watch it boil over a small amount of time. At this point i have to tell you that this jacket is so warm that you really do not need a sweater or hoodie underneath it meaning you can walk into the freezing cold streets of the UK in a t-shirt and jacket and not feel cold. Other people i have met this winter have 3-4 layers on and are still cold. It sounds like bullshit but it’s not; once you have this on you don’t have to think about temperature whatsoever, it’s all taken care of in seconds.

The Sasquatch is also water resistant and also super light. It can be folded up into a small ball if needed once all the air has been pushed out of it, leaving you with easy options for storage if needed…genius. The hood can be taken off and the fake fur trim does the job perfectly in strong wind leaving your face nice and warm and well out of the weather.

I thought i lost this jacket at a Pendulum show and was gutted to leave the venue without it. One of my friends had taken it though and fortunately it came back to me the next day. But that night, something in me died, i was lost without it, it’s that bloody good. This is by far the winner of ‘Best Winter Jacket of the Year’, here at Crossfire so do yourself a favour, go buy one today and make like a wookie.

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Zac Slack