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Globe Noodles Jeans


It’s that time of year again where the wind plays a more prominent role of being your worst fucking nightmare. Sending shivers down your spine and flip sticks (anatomically referred to as legs) with every malevolent attack. One must be prepared for such a bitter onslaught. Praise the Lord the clothing connoisseurs down at Globe Apparel have equipped us with a delicious new pair of slacks that are the perfect method of defence.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t wanna be skating around looking like a complete Tom Penny spoof, thankfully you can be warm and not have to. The “Noodles” come slim fitted, with that extra bit of breathing space and baggage that sucks in the warm air to keep you cosy and to avoid any trouser related genital area disasters. Stoked.

Threaded together with a durable cotton/spandex type affair, these jeans are strong shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the big heads at Globe forced them into the gym for weeks on end before deciding they are ready for the public. I jest, of course I’d be surprised, that’s complete rhubarb, but you get the point. I went out for 5-hour park session to test these suckers out. Tumble after tumble and they haven’t got a scratch, still looking as fresh as anything Ryan Gallant would dare throw on his body. Steeeeze Louiiize.

Nice deep pockets are a cheeky bonus with these sick jeans; if you’re a ‘headphones on’ type of skater you can have the benefit of your Pod being kept snug while you’re busy mutilating fresh marble. Plus a tidy sealed pocket on the back to stop your moolah being thrown all over the shop while you sling yourself down a hubba bubba. Hold it!

Overall, a solid effort from Globe. A comfortable, sweet looking pair of slacks that keep you snug in the winter wonderland. 9/10 boss.

Joe Moynihan