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Globe Devo-tion

April 3rd, 2009 by Crossfire

Truth be told, I saw these at last year’s trade show and I remember thinking then that they would be a real good summer hit! About 6 months later, these 80′s inspired Devo classics landed on my doorstep…Pump fucking Pump! The shoes are great, but I wouldn’t skate them to be honest, they’re too good for a grip tape spanking, I’m rocking these for summer play and the occasional curb roll.

It’s a canvas style upper with a vulc sole, it’s more like a loafer than a skate shoe I’d say, but the sole would last you just as long as any other Globe skate shoe, which we all know is pretty good.

When you’re out buying a pair of these, which I highly recommend you do, make sure you pick up you’re first Devo-Tee too, they’re super cool and obviously, when Devo tour here soon, you’ll have the perfect merch to get Jocko Homo with a Mongaloid and the Girl you want… Shrivel up!

Check out the rest of the Devo flight pack by Globe, especially the cruiser reviewd here, they have some real gems out there right now and they will nto last long…especially them cartoon boardies, I want those so bad.

Go to www.globe.tv for more.




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