Skateboarding Product Reviews

Globe – Chris Haslam Sabaton

Chris Haslam finally gets a fucking shoe out! Woohoo! And i tell you another thing, it’s on Globe and it’s a peach.

Apparently ‘Sabaton‘ means armored foot protection but this is no clog, it’s another take on the classic magnum but it’s a beauty. The first thing you will notice is the fact that the leather is cracked and it’s a lovely touch, quite unusual and feels like your cats tongue. (I wouldn’t though as it would not be as good.)

The speil says that this shoe has a Shock Guard ICS footbed protection system, when i rode them this weekend, i could feel a decent sole with some seriously good grip as you get with all current Globe vulcanized foot huggers.

Haslam has had his chance to get his name out there and he has come up with a bloody good skate shoe. They are durable, absorbs shock and more to the point they look fresh on your tootsies, even though the bear faced hippie has managed to sneak corduroy into the mix!

I really think Globe have got themselves a rep now for great skate shoes and this just adds to the plaudits at the end of this year, go get these today.

Chuck Bangers