Fourstar Ishod Wair signature collection

If you thought that 2013’s Skater of the Year Ishod Wair was going to go through this year in old clobber, think again. His pro collection at Fourstar takes the company into new territory with a sterling selection of threads that are stamped with his own style and needs. Form Dist sent us a box over to take a look at and the results were even better up close.

Made for Philly’s weather system and especially handy for us United Kingdom residents, the rain and snow will struggle to penetrate this this zipped windbreaker. Made with plenty of pockets for your daily essentials and a hidden hood, this jacket actually folds into the right pocket so you can stash it in a session somewhere safe without anyone knowing where to steal it via elastic cords. Yeah.


I’ve had this fleece jumper one for two days straight now due to its 210 gsm super-soft feel. Perfect for a Spring session, but don’t let you girlfriend near it otherwise you will never see it again.


Front pocket tees are all the rage this year and with 165 gsm cotton in tow, this soft tee is all about comfort and also comes in olive too.


Poplin is the durable, tightly woven cotton fabric chosen for his pro shirt that also comes with his Pictogram repeat print on the design front. The cut on this is perfect.


These Fatigue military style pants are stonewashed and really comfortable, made from ottoman fabric and flexible so you can skate in them and have plenty of room to move.


Think ahead to the warmer months with these stone-washed military style shorts. A perfect end to a collection that is made with skateboarders in mind and clothing you can wear out and feel confident in. Check your local skater owned shop whilst stocks last.