Skateboarding Product Reviews

Flip Warhead Jacket

100% cotton Canvas Jacket

Well thank fuck the English weather changed, thus giving me reason to rock a lighter military jacket kindly passed on by Staff Sergeant Leeks at a top secret briefing. At first I tried to burn the paper details on this product, but I had to opt for sticking it up the Sergeant’s bum, as you know this smoking law has got people a little nervous and anyone with a lighter and cigarette in their hand is now a social outcast. Fine by me because being a skater makes you one anyway.

Ok the meet was not as top secret as I lead you to believe, but we also know there is no crab in crab sticks, so never let truth get in the way of a good story, or advertising come to think of it. Most the shit we buy, consume these days is advertised one way and when we finally get our hands, mouths whatever on it, it ends up being so far from the promised/advertised product. Take the example of spring water that was launched a few years ago by Coke? No not many, this is because they spent a fortune in advertising this new spring water from the mountains of England. Turns out they were just bottling it in a factory in Sidcup. Everyone went mad, and boom they ditched the whole idea and stuck to selling cans of sugar.

What’s this got to do the Flip Warhead jacket, well, first off this jacket actually looks better on than in photos, plus I had many offers for it within the first two days of wearing it. Enough pockets for all your goods, nice and light for skating in, job done. Some bloke in advertising once said to me it’s all about selling the sizzle not the sausage, well in the case of this Flip jacket, if this was a sausage it would truly be a finest organic Cumberland ring the size of your head. And if you’re vegetarian well, there’s always those crab sticks.