Skateboarding Product Reviews

Flip – Geoff Rowley Ace deck 7.5′

So Tuesday was as hot as porridge and I had just found a gap in my work day. 2 words flashed before my eyes ‘Mile End‘ – a new concrete heaven that has recently popped up thanks to Gravity Skateparks. Now what better place and time to test the new Flip Geoff Rowley Ace deck that has landed on my desk.

The graphic is an ‘Ace of Spades‘ image and is pretty stoking if you ask me. I never buy boards for the graphic but I was really taken with this one, it’s simple and it has a skull on it which is usually a winner although the downside was that I had to grip it with a sugar spoon! And im talking proper pussy spoon, it had a coin on the handle with the queen on it!!! Double hard bastard I am!

So after I managed to complete a near impossible grip job much to the surprise of most of my friends, I finally got to skate a new board in a new park, oh and it was good! The board was a real joy to ride to be fair, I was a little doubtful of its performance simply because the shape was not what I was used to, the tail is surprisingly round and it kinda spun me out a bit every time I looked at it, but it skated really well and the pop was super nice. If anything the round tail just acted as a clear sign as to when I was riding it the wrong way!

The pop of this board was pretty impressive and made the gap fun to skate. It was also a good all rounder when it came to the ledges and rails, really sturdy wood, I felt I could really chuck it around without it cracking under my feet.

Hat’s off to Flip for releasing another super good pro deck from the UK’s finest.

Martyn Thomas