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FLIP Apparel – Heathen/Blood Stain & Specials Tees

The Flip squad are as true to skateboarding as milk is true to a cow, or goats for that matter, they are truly independent in this game and I see them as inspiration to everyone who enjoys skateboarding for what it is, not what it appears to be.

Long gone are the days of baggy jeans and 25mm wheels, but Flip still roll with the same passion for steez today as they did back then. They’re clothing lines are fun and have always been one of my favourites, especially Tom’s friends, it’s one of my all time favourite skate Tees, these guys know what’s platinum.

The Blood Stain T-shirt is one of the softest Tees I’ve ever owned. It’s 100% cotton and slightly fitted, not much, but I’d class it as a slimmer fit which comes up slightly shorter than your average medium. The print looks like a bandana that runs across the shoulders with Flip crosses bleeding throughout. Total hesh.

Specials T. They released the ‘Guns of Navarone‘ with this one, I knew off the cuff that I was going to get on well with this T in particular; it’s simple, black & white, it’s Flip and it’s the Specials! Its pure cotton and easy to the touch, again, it too sports a smooth print which blends into the fabric unnoticeably. Hit up the ‘Rat Race‘ with this one and find yourself looking for a ‘Ghost Town‘.

Heathen Hooded Sweat. Flip’s latest campaign comes in the form of ‘Hölle auf Rädern’, which simply means Hell on Wheels; yes we know, it’s fucking cool, so I’m happy to know they fly the flag on that one. The hoody is fairly straight forward, except it has the ability to completely fuck with any 3 chip camera that points in it’s direction, so I wouldn’t recommend rocking it whilst filming your million dollar lines, but if you’re not shooting for something, then rock it by all means, it’s fresh, it’s zebra like and has a German badge, Vorsprung durch Technik!

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