Skateboarding Product Reviews

Flip – Geoff Rowley Attack Deck

7.5 x 31.25

When Chinese Alchemists combined tang dynasty, elemental sulfur and saltpeter with charcoal in the late decades of the 8th century, they created a black powder which they referred to as ‘huoyao‘! This powder, as they eventually discovered, was not a method to securing eternal life, but was used to treat skin diseases and kill insects instead.

As they kept experimenting with ‘huoyao’ (gunpowder), the potential of the powder became very apparent and they started to attach arrows to bamboo tubes, launching them with their bows. They soon discovered that these gunpowder tubes could launch themselves just by the power produced from the escaping gas, thus, the true rocket was born!

What has this got to do with a skateboard? Fuck all, but, if you backtrack through Flip Skateboards’ history, you’ll find that Geoff Rowley‘s talents were immediately acknowledged and has overtime exploded in pretty much the same way gunpowder did. He’s one of the biggest guns in industry and is widely respected by skaters all over.

This pro model is of a much more street nature, a skinny bitch with a techno curves. It’s a 7.5 inch Canadian maple stick that flips faster than a chart in a global warming meeting. It’s got enough curves for you to dare take on transitions, but I personally don’t ride skinny sticks on trannies, toothpicks are made for the streets! It’s a great shape and the narrowness comes in at 31.25 inches in length, a nice a short piece of wood that’s easy to manage under your walkers. It’s a contemporary English graphic that covers the bottom, so you’re representing your country whilst flipping through parks and streets on this rocking deck!

Live FAST, Ride FAST