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Finest – Le Spot Montreur

An illustrated guide to France’s skatespots

Full of British pride, I will proclaim that this book is a rip off of Harry Bastard’s Spot Guide book. But, I won’t. What these 4 Frenchmen have come up with is a skateboarders A-Z or Lonely Planet guide to all the skatespots within the Hexagone. Ever wondered where that obscure full pipe is in Cliché’s ‘Bon Appetit!’? Or, where Bastien grew up skating? Get Finest and find out. The book covers various regions and goes into great detail with the street address of each spot, its difficulty rating, what it’s made of, etc… Oh and all the pictures are in colour. Even if I found a few of the spots featured were pure shite i.e. very poorly made skateparks that even Dan Cates would have difficulty with, I can’t blame them because at the end of the day the locals from some oblique little village either skate that mouldy bank or don’t skate at all! Plus there are a few gems in this book that will definitely have you scratching your head as to why you’ve never seen them before. So, hats off to the team for getting off their arses and travelling over 40000km in a year for our future pleasure.