Skateboarding Product Reviews

etnies Militarise boots

Dear winter, you suck. I never look forward to your crap weather patterns, waking up and having to get up and feeling, damp, cold and tired. The only thing I do look forward to, is piping hot food, mulled wine, warm clothing and big boots.

Etnies have got your back on the latter to battle the forthcoming cold months ahead with the release of their new Militarise boots. After wearing skate shoes pretty much all year my feet were asking me what the hell was happening when these turned up. They took a few days to wear in and get used to, but when the time came my feet appreciated the perforated pig skin lining that certainly keeps the cold at bay. The comfort also comes from ye ol’ STI Evolution Foam midsole that gifts many a Soletech made skate shoe, so if you are already rolling with Emerica’s, eS or Etnies, then you will know what’s up.

These comfortable stompers for off board chilling also come in black and are built to keep the wet winter at bay. Go get some and find out for yourself.