Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies Malto

This kid’s got it all, talent, style, smiles and now his very own skate shoe on Etnies. I wasn’t surprised when Etnies announced a Malto model to be honest, he is probably one of the best up and coming skateboarders out there. I’ve had the pleasure of road testing these lately and firstly the shoe has a decent appearance but under the suede lies a variety of tech – I guess this symbolizes the Malto brand quite nicely.

The low profile design feels loafer like, but the reinforced toe cap and triple stitching makes this chiller quite a tough cookie and should leave you rather happy when your feet come up against the usual griptape durability we all endure. In the heel you have System G2 Platinum which counter acts with impact to keep those bruises at bay over the summer months. The STI molded polyurethane footbed and double wrap vulc soles make for a comfortable and reassuring ride, a simple formula that any skate shoe should have!

If you combine all these elements and push them into super slim and lightweight shoe, then you end up with stellar results and that’s pretty much Etnies have achieved here. He’s one of the good ones, so I’d definitely invest in these if they are your cup of sole.