etnies Jameson XT review


It depends on what floats your boat of course as we are all different and appreciate different styles of skate shoe, but if you are looking to upgrade from a flimsy vulc into a shoe with protection, style and solid support straight out of the box then the etnies Jameson XT should be paid a visit.

After wearing a bunch of Lakai MJ’s for what seems like forever, the XT’s were a big change in how my feet were supported. Not to say the MJ’s were outclassed, it’s just a different experience that my plates met with joy. Total comfort with solid support.

These come with a hidden toe cap and when etnies say it’s hidden, they mean it. You can’t even identify it on first look but as a feeling when on, you can tell the entire shoe has a structure that holds everything in place – an extra layer of protection that you can’t ignore, but it doesn’t weigh the shoes down whatsoever. They are super light, snug and allow your feet to mold into the foam midsole like a dream. The best part of this after wearing them for a while now is that they have not lost their shape yet either, which most shoes sadly sign up for after frequent use. Essentially, these are built to spill.

Supporting a skater owned shoe company as a skateboarder should be your primary task when kitting yourself out, especially when the likes of Soletech who boast 30 years of in house technology research for skateboarding are making shoes this advanced for us. Scout them out and treat your feet to the XT this Spring, you will not regret it.