Skateboarding Product Reviews

Etnies Ashbury

Back in December 2007, 2 pairs of Etnies Ashbury’s arrived here at HQ from the US and changed my feet forever. One pair was a special edition Stereo collab that were so bohemian in style, and so comfortable on my feet that i made a conscious decision not to skate in them.

The Ashbury went out on a big night on the town, helped me recover from coming-to in a phone box semi conscious and got me home without me even knowing anything about it. My wallet had gone with credit cards and cash included but my feet and these shoes carried me 4 miles careering in the road and through bushes, and delivered me from evil. The next morning i was destroyed. I had lost the plot and my mind was a puzzle of destruction. I got the teas on, sat down and opened the other shoe box. A brand new pair of jet black Ashbury’s were clucking to get out of the box. I had to help them and they got me through the day once again. You know the feeling i’m talking about here, the feeling of comfortable new shoes. It changes everything. I could not bring myself to skate in either pair, as i had too much respect for the perfection. They would have been destroyed in time and it wasn’t on.

This week, 2 more pairs arrived in the post. The brown leather version of this shoe is supreme, a master even. Once again, instant respect, no way i’m skating in these. Then opened up the golds. Lairy orange laces beamed like UFO shrapnel and said ‘not a chance’. Moral of the story is that the first 2 pairs have now been taken to the griptape and are performing like beasts. These are the ultimate volcanized skate shoes with enough STI foam padding to feel like you are moonwalking. Etnies have made a victorious chiller with the Ashbury, the ultimate shoe for the ultimate satisfaction whether you want to skate in them or not. Get a pair (or two) today. Shepherd Bush