Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica Reynolds Slims

A few years ago, Emerica released the Reynolds 2, now I was a fan of those shoes, but I always found they took ages to break in. So when i found out a slimmed down version had been released I was stoked.

These look almost identical to the Reynolds 2’s but as if they had been on a crash diet, a bit like when one of your ex’s puts on a slimming dress and slaps on make up, in the vein hope to seduce you again! If that was the case- I was well up for some ex-sex as these were straight out the box skateable.

Emerica have really slimmed the sole down, its not vulcanized like every other company seems to be going for at the minute, but you still get a good feel, and to be honest it was quite nice to skate all day and not look like you’re walking on nails when you get to the pub in the evening. The shoe is fairly narrow so they hug your feet really nicely, and the toe piece is nice a pointed for all those Reynolds-esqe frontside flips with ease. After about a week of skating there was little show of wear, a few scuff marks but nothing worrying, the only problem being snapped laces but we’re all used to that right?

The only problem I had with them was the weird pink spray paint effect on them, but to be fair that rubbed off after about 2 minutes of skating! Emerica know how to build a good strong shoe, and these are no exception. They look good, skate good, and you get free bling with them – what more could you want!