Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica Leo Romero x Truman skate shoe


There’s nothing better than opening a fresh box to smell a waft of full grain hand selected Zambian leather and a slab of goodness looking right at you. Even better though, is that these come in a box that slide out making that experience all the better. Plus you can keep the box for filing shit and actually have an excuse to be organised for once.

This is the third pair of Leo Romero’s from Emerica that have graced my feet over the years. They are not similar to any of the other models on the brand and always come up rather small in comparison. With my pinkies just fitting into these and their first day on ‘crete, I decided that there’s no goddam way that I’m wasting these beauties sliding around on the floor playing skateboards. Fuck that, these are far too sexy to trash on a rig. Instead, these are now my night shoes, or my day shoes. They are just not my skate shoes. But you can do what you want. They can be skated in. I’ve just ordered the boots for the re-match.

Truman is Chad Tim Tim and Leo Romero’s creative leather thing so expect to see more collabs in the future for shoes that are far too sweet to skate in.