Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica – Jerry Hsu


So Emerica sent me a pair of their latest rider’s pro model kicks, the Jerry Hsu. I put them on right away and strolled out of my door to the dance floor. You see, one of the most important aspects about designing a skate shoe is that you can wear the footwear straight away and enjoy comfort in an instant. The Jerry Hsu ticks this box without a doubt.

Next on the list of priorities for skate shoe production is the look. The colour way for these kicks is a mix of red embers and ash, a combination that stands out from the rest but doesn’t scream for attention either. I like it. Now the other half to look is the originality in the shape and form a shoe takes. Emerica and Jerry Hsu have taken two of skateboarding’s most classic and credible skate shoes – the Vans Half Cab and the Nike Dunk- combined them both and removed a few things for copyright infringement to create a good shoe. I mean you take inspiration from two of skateboarding’s greats and you can’t really miss, can you?*

My last comment will be on the actual skate ability of these shoes. Well, Emerica lives under the Sole Tech banner, an establishment that understands the needs of a skaters feet like the back of their hand, so the Jerry Hsu skates without a hitch. Perhaps the sole could do with being stronger, but where you lose for toughness, you gain with flex and feel. These shoes are good on and off the board which means that’s two thumbs up from me.

* I feel a bit bad having said that but take a look at the skate shoes on display at your SOS and tell me which company is doing something completely different.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis