Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element Troop shirt

OK, lets start by saying that this shirt is one of the best shirts to ever grace my toneless body! Now i will try and expalin why it is the bomb.

The Troop contains 97% cotton and 3% lycra, meaning when you first put this on, you suddenly feel it stretch just a little bit, which is bizarre at first, but then when you do it up and pull it over your shoulders, it fits like a goddam glove and you still have loads of space in there!

Now, next thing is, you go out skating and realise that everytime you contort your body, the shirt goes with you by the millimetre so this shirt gets the full 5 out of 5 for skateboarding. I know it’s hard to review clothjing but this has been made to skate in and it bloody well works better than any cotton shirt i have ever worn. Oh and by the way, the first night i wore this shirt out to a club, i pulled a tight unit – no shit.

Go buy one and see if it happens to you.

Chuck Bangers