Skateboarding Product Reviews

Element Tony Tave

Ok, so the Element Tony Tave was the first Element board I think I have ever skated so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ve been watching Lucien ride his about for a while now and in hindsight I think my expectations of the board may have been a little high.

I honestly thought riding it would instantly transform me into some sort of magazine cover European superstar and it didn’t. I was seriously so pissed off I went out and bought a snakeboard, turned pro, got bored, quit and decided to start skating again. So when I picked up the board for a second time with lesser expectations I surprisingly found I really liked it!

The shape was slightly more pointy than the Almost deck I was riding beforehand and had a longer nose and tail which worked well for me as I am admittedly a little on the lanky side. I think the best thing about this board though was the wood, it was really tough and showed no signs of tiredness, even on it’s last legs as I pummelled it into the concrete beneath the Canada water handrail. I was pissed at myself for delamming it; I know it would have lasted a lot longer had I not been so useless and landed on my trick. I suck – great deck! for all the trimmings.


The Gardener.