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Element Cannon Trousers

10 November 2006

Someone said to me the other day “…how is it possible to review a pair of trousers?!” so i replied ” just like this, it’s easy…..”

You see Element Clothing make it easy for me because almost everything that they make has quality control and the bods who design and assign the budgets spend their dough on quality fabrics. They also know that if they start to farm out crap gear, their reputation will be shot to pieces and no brand leader needs that sort of grief do they?

I needed some strides to skate in and cheekily asked their PR darling for a pair of these Cannons, put it this way the beers are on me love! These beauties are called ‘pants‘ in the USA but over here in blighty we like to call them ‘trousers‘ as pants in English means ‘rubbish‘, the complete opposite of what these baby’s are all about.

They are not tight fit so you can skate in the comfort that your crown jewels won’t be crushed to death when you attempt a bigspin – made possible by the 2% elastane that is mixed in with 98% cotton.

These slacks are comfortable and the fabric should be able to take some knocks along the way, go try them out this winter if you are not looking to skate in your Y-fronts this Xmas.

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