Skateboarding Product Reviews

DVS Munition

DVS have got a pretty solid team that can man-handle just about every kind of terrain you throw in their path.

If you’re going to charge at a 14 stair rail or a tetris type of manual pad configuration, board control is key and the one thing between you and your plank is the shoes you wear. DVS equip their riders with top knotch kicks and the Munition is military grade footwear ready for any mission.

The first thing that appeals to me about the Munition is the simple yet solid design. Padding, thickness and stitching in all of the right places, and no soggy bag style or concrete block bulk here. Skate shoe designers are like sheep because the second something starts to sell, you can be damn sure everyone has got their identical variant to offer too. I won’t say DVS don’t follow trends because they recently re-designed this shoe with the ever popular vulcanised sole, but in any case the Munition was designed with skateboarding in mind.
The pair I tested skated straight out of the box which always sets things off to a good start, and after a good couple of months, I could still attend extra-curricular activities in them without fear of people spotting my socks through a hole, or my feeble attempt at threading three short pieces of lace together.

You get the idea- no real damage occurred to the outer shell or laces that keep things tight.

However, I was a little surprised at the speed with which the rubber sole wore down. I might be a good dancer, but I don’t so the Truffle Shuffle on my grip each time I set up for a trick. So, the Munition didn’t save me a few slippery moments when I least expected them.

I have since moved onto a different pair of kicks, but I still have these DVS shoes stashed safely away for future battles with the harsh concrete.