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DVS Baron


It’s all good and fair that a skater needs tough shoes to get busy in, but there comes a time when the skatepark shuts, the night draws in, the seasons change and the board stops.

Often this time instigates social behaviour, preferably in a bar or on a date. The sight of your scruffed up skate shoes does not sit well with the opposite sex, or bouncers of high society nightclubs, so strolling the streets and heading home might be the only result if you don’t get your self a pair of chilling shoes.

The DVS Barons are good chilling shoes.

Initially, I thought I’d get my skate on with the Barons, but after one push around the park I knew I’d have to save them the fate of griptape murder. That said, I’m sure these shoes skate a dream; they’re light, flexible and very grippy. However, the Baron is a little slim of the rigidity level, so save them for a rainy day.

At a first glance, my Barons reminded me of those sneakers West Coast gangsters like to wear. You know the Chuck Taylor style plimsoles with the bright white laces? Rolling around in these shoes had me humming Too Short lyrics all day. Even if they’re low and slim, the gum sole is a sweet cushion to your stomp. The Baron takes me back to the good old days of simple skate shoes like Salman Agah’s first pro-model on Vans. The only problem I had with these kicks is that the tongue is pretty slim so the laces tie up and make your feet look a bit kippered.

DVS make competent skate shoes with style playing a key factor in design. Ideally I’d get a pair of Baron’s for the days when rain has postponed play. Or Snoop Dogg’s coming to town…

Ralph Lloyd-Davis

Review 2

I have to add to this review as i was sent a pair of these DVS Barons to and i have skated in them religiously since.

I’m not going to fuck about, these are the best skate shoes i skated in during 2006 and i have gone through over 18 pairs this year.

They are flimsy, almost deck shoe like but they served a purpose as soon as they were lifted out of the box and have done the best job possible since.

If you like the Vans OG sole, you are gonna love this shoe. Every shoe company has made a Vans inspired shoe, in fact in 2006 year, more than any other, ALL skate shoe companies have gone for this style and why? Because they work, because they let you have control of your grip tape better than a big, wide skate shoe that gets in the way of your grip and your sole. These Barons are not Vans, DVS have done a great job and supplied skaters with the ultimate control beneath your feet and DVS have not sold out to the high street either, they make shoes for skaters only.

Unlike Ralph’s, my feet did not look kippered, i was proud when i looked down to see where they were positioned everytime i wanted to prepare for a trick.

The only downside to shoes like these is the fact that they will fall apart eventually if you ollie loads – like any other, as they don’t have any extra fabric to overcome the stress of griptape, but i would rather wear these over the likes of the originators any day of the week and that is why they will be on my feet when i go roll tonight.

Look out for DVS this year, they have laid the foundations for an explosion in 2007.

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