Skateboarding Product Reviews

Drawing Boards 55mm Wheels

I popped into my local skateshop the other day, just to have a peek and see what was being offered these days in the world of wheels. Blimey, there’s a lot of choice these days. After narrowing it down to just ‘white’ and ‘no gimmicks’ you’re left with essentially all that a wheel should be. Round.

There’s that phrase isn’t there, about re-inventing the wheel? You could try, but you will never improve on an already historically proven design that’s so simple that even a caveman thought of it. So the humble skateboard wheel is definitely something that doesn’t need taking back to the drawing board.

And Drawing Boards know exactly this. Don’t mess with success. Their new range of wheels are clean, simple urethane with just one goal; making your board go forwards and backwards smoothly.

Basic urethane wheels like this are what every skateboarder always returns to after a quick dabble with the gimmick-market, where once you discover that having hollow cores or liquid centres or LED lights inside them really are a waste of time. Look at anyone who has skated for more than a year and you’ll see lumps of plastic on their trucks just like these Drawing Boards 55mm wheels, because they work well.

So why buy these over any other plain simple wheel you ask? Well, as you should know by know, supporting British skateboarding by buying British products is what keeps our beloved tradition alive in this country. Drawing Boards riders Jak, Jerry and Matt can be seen repping their team at almost every UK skate event. They’ll skate their arses off at demos and it’s only right that their dedication is rewarded through you putting your money back into UK skateboarding and buying their stuff.

Drawing Boards also put out a ton of free, absolutely banging video content for you for nothing as often as they can over at their website. Go check out what they’re doing and the next time you’re faced with a dilemma of which pink-spangley-go-faster whizz balls to put bearings into, just do yourself a favour and pick up some of their wheels instead.