Skateboarding Product Reviews

Death Skateboards – Team Board 7.75

Death are probably one of the most recognizable independent skate companies out there and I must say I’m proud that they come from the UK. Something tells me American Customs officers would have trouble dealing with Dan Cates dressed as 50 Cent and a naked Dibble.

In any case, this team board is a no nonsense length of maple. Straight rails with slightly raised nose and tail, slick black paint finish and a rather mellow concave sum this board up – No bells or whistles. When I started riding the board, I couldn’t quite understand how it measured up as a 7.75 but I’m guessing that was due to the length and wheelbase. If a board is slightly elongated, the width magically slims..? Anyway, I also noticed that this board’s nose and tail are virtually identical give or take a quarter of an inch. Some people enjoy their boards resembling double tails, but I must say it can get confusing at times so I focused on a spot of gum squashed into the grip to remember where the nose was. From there on out this board rode very nicely indeed. Suits you sir!

The Death team board has kept it’s pop, not chipped and been responsive to my every order. The only problem I did have with this board was the way the nose and tail were late starters after the bolt holes. For example, this is an advantage on slides, but a big disadvantage when you throw the board down and start tanking it, only to realize your foot has settled too far up the board and your balance goes out of the window. It’s not drastic, but something to think about.

There will only ever be one Death Squad and if these are the guns they use then the competition should be scared. Support your local scenes and support British skating.


Ralph Lloyd-Davis