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Darkstar – Paul Machnau Deck

The obtaining of this board was met with slight trepidation due to being a whole1/4 in slimmer than my usual 8in rig, this concern was heightened as this was around the time I was mid process of hording for the winter hibernation; if you don’t get the right rig for the English winter months your left out to the elements. Like entering the jungle without a suitable 28in knife ~ (the viewing of Rambo this weekend seems to have made an impression).

I had, in my questionable skateboarding career ridden a couple of those Speed Demon blanks, which correct me if I’m wrong, come from the same tree and I remember these being strong as hell, light and had an awesome ability to maintain pop. The Darkstar ‘Paul Machnau’ did not fail to impress.

I seriously rode (and still am) this rig for months, granted I’m no stair or rail guy but I like to think I can put a board to the test with a large array of sloppy landings, heal drags and monoski foot landings!
Not to mention the vast selection of liquids that came into contact with it… delams, stress cracks, softness or warts. Still great pop too.

I would not hesitate to recommend to those who like mellowish nose and tail, nothing too aggressive, like a football to the face on a cold Easter weekend, and weighing in with a 31in length you just can’t go wrong.

So, go on treat yourself to a post Easter peep at

Robin Hayes