Skateboarding Product Reviews

Darkstar Lightning Cores

Damn son… Darkstar just keep coming with the goods. If you’re a Crossfire reader, then you’ll know I was pretty stoked on the Darkstar Armorlight board , so when I received the new Darkstar Lightning Core wheels, I didn’t hesitate to drop my old tyres and hook up a set.

Apparently the Lightning Cores use the mechanics of a inner soft core and an harder outer core to create maximum effect on speed and grip. I’ve never heard of such a concept, with most wheel companies doing the opposite (hard on the inside, soft on the outside) and this results in wheels falling apart if the mould is wrong.

Well, one push was all I needed to roll past the competition smooth as a stallion. Weird as it may seem, the physics of these wheels actually works, so you’re rolling happy around the streets, skateparks and concrete bowls without fear of losing speed. In fact, Darkstar generated three different models to cope with all types of terrain.

I tried the 52mm 96A models which are supposed to show optimal efficiency on the street and in parks which they did, whilst my mated tried the smaller 51mm 98A sets and couldn’t complain either.

Add to this already very positive report the fact that the wheels don’t turn yellow and don’t flatspot… At all! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Ralph Lloyd-Davis