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Coloud Marvel Headphones

There are some people out there that think headphones aren’t all that important. There are some people who think that the headphones you get with your iPod are cool and there’s no point buying any others. These people, clearly, do not listen to good music.

I love bassy music. If the joint doesn’t have a booming bassline, then I ain’t really interested. So when I got these Coloud headphones I knew immediately that the only way to test them out was to blast out some heavier-than-heavy tunes and see how they held up. Thankfully, within 10 seconds of the drop, my eardrums were being pounded and the head was nodding. So tick that off on the list.

Next up, if you’re going to wear big over-the-ear headphones, you don’t want to end up looking like a Cyberman from Dr Who. Nuh-uh, no Sir. So, as a comic book geek, having the choice of Hulk, Wolverine, X-Men and Iron Man was like being offered all the sweets in the world. I opted for Hulk as I liked the idea of having the big Green machine pounding on my ears whilst I listened to the music.

Coloud are also available in Star Wars, Fame and, if you’re like, 12 years old and a girl, Hello Kitty. At £34.99 they’re not too expensive and they most certainly do their job. If you can look cool and enjoy your music instead of the banal chatting on the train home and not have to pay a shedload of money for it, you’re on the right track.

Double thumbs up.