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City Deck review

Well I got this City deck to review, and I guess it was a bit much to ask, but I was totally gutted that after stepping upon it’s laminate exterior I was not as good as skater as Dave Bachinsky. Never mind, can’t win them all!

However, I was really feeling the similar shape nose and tail, something a lot of decks tend to overlook with very specific ‘use this end for ollies, this one for nollies’ shapes. I want to be able to use my board both ways round, last doubley as long doesn’t it? Got to think about these things post-credit munch.

Global crisis’ in mind, the graphics on this is literally plastered with names of, yep, you guessed it, lots of cities. I did have a couple of blonde moments where I would think to myself “Where the hell is ‘Nairo’ and ‘New Ork’?” only to remember that I did A-level Geography and to stop being an idiot.

I was pretty stoked that whilst skating this board in Bristol, after an already successful day, I managed to learn frontside nosebluntslides having never tried them before. Good work City! Didn’t stop me slamming in front of the only hot girl we saw the entire day though… lame.

So, in conclusion. Great shaped board, helps you learn new tricks, but makes you look like a knob in front of girls, which to be fair most skateboards do so I can’t really blame it on City!

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