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Breakneck Skateboards – 8″

The first thing to strike me was that this rig a pirate on its hull! Some tips to avoiding pirates:

1) Investigate the planned route and find out if pirates are active in that area. The Malay Peninsula, parts of the South China Sea, and the Caribbean coast of South America are all areas that still see amounts of pirate activity.

2) Be conscious of the tactics pirates may use. They are creatures of habit, following consistent patterns, striking the same areas at certain times (moonless nights, for example). Alter your planned route and agenda to reduce risk.

3) Maintain radio contact with fellow travellers or main land contacts. Never broadcast your exact location.

4) Keep in mind that most piracy related situations do not turn violent. Pirates tend take a few things and leave. Once pirates do board your vessel, armed resistance usually amounts to a shootout. Do consider that a visible show of arms prior to the pirates’ contact may convince them to choose a lesser target.

5) Plant a decoy in your safe so you can make a show of opening it and handing your valuables over. Hide all other valuables in separate hiding places about the boat. If pirates do come aboard, they’ll expect to leave with something, but that doesn’t mean they have to find everything.

6) Ram the swine pirates’ boat. Pirates’ tend to use small powerboats and come broadside to their target; small boats are no match for a sturdy cruising sailboat.

7) If all else fails remember pirates, under that eye patch, don’t have a missing eye. The patch keeps the eye in darkness to increase its sensitivity to light, making navigation by stars easier. So, just poke them in that eye!

Breakneck Skateboards = 8 inches of love.

Robin Hayes