Skateboarding Product Reviews

Anti-Hero Tony Trujillo Butt Alert Deck

8.12” x 32”

Everyone has a preference in life, one of my best friends loves the big booties, he sees them girls with the Shaken Stevens backsides and he busts a nut on the spot. I on the other hand couldn’t differ more in this situation, I can honestly say I’ve never ridden anything bigger than an 8, that’s a good size for me and hell, I like them agile and built for speed!

This board landed on my lap and I was like, only an asshole passes up on a free ass! As I’ve never had more than 8 inches under me, I was a little bit anxious about getting to grips with a board of this size, but I immediately took the beast out of the wrapper and set it up for a good grinding.

Deluxe boards are amongst the finest presses in the world, if you don’t know that, then well, your loss I guess! The symmetry on the nose and tail are very similar, slightly higher and longer nose as you’d expect, but not much. Due to the width of the cheeks, it doesn’t really feel heavily concaved and even though it took me a little while to adjust to the size, it’s seriously been a good ride for me, one of the best I’ve ever had…no shit!

TNT rolls bowls, hills, streets and occasionally even drives a taxi, so you know this board handles all terrain, especially if he’s got something to say about it! It’s got a tight butt on the bottom too and if you can’t do them, backside lipslides cum good on this ass!