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Altamont Denim – Crenshaw Fit

Jeans, we all love them, we all have a pair in the cupboard and we usually all treat them the same due to their durability.

Altamont denim delivers cotton that doesn’t fit into the same old same old. Instead, they are the most comfortable jeans that I have ever worn. The first night I wore them out, ladies were all over me like a rash. I thought it was my 70’s disco moves that was the reason but I later learnt that the jeans did all the work for me.

I went for the Crenshaw fit because my fat arse would look stupid in the spray on versions and that’s the best part of what’s on offer here, there’s denim for everyone and there’s nothing like choice, especially when it comes to quality. Click here to find out about the styles.

The front pockets come lined with a dope print and the johnny pocket has a Altamont metal emblem on it, sharp enough to poke you in the finger when you least expect it! I’m sure it was done on purpose as it reminds you that you are wearing some decent threads when you look down!

The instructions inside advise that you should try not to wash them for 6 months. I’m 2 months in and already those girls who were queuing outside the house have now done the offs. Can’t win them all eh?!

Chuck Bangers