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Altamont – Captain Jacket

2007 was a good year for Emerica and Baker pro rider Andrew Reynolds.

The launch of his own clothing range Altamont Apparel was press released worldwide to wide acclaim but you may be wondering if the hype supercedes the garments so we decided to get our hands on the goods themselves and let you know the truth.

The Captain jacket comes in one piece and blends a hoodie and jacket together. It’s a good idea and works well once you are inside it. Quality wise, it’s a winner all round. The inner lining is super soft and the outside feels as though it could take a slam or two. The in-built hood is perfect if you don’t like the weight of a huge hood floating over your head as you hardflip a 7 set.

Functionality wise there’s no zipper on the front allowing freedom if you are skating and want to get some fresh air and pockets can be found inside for your music player and one either side of your chest up front. The only gripe i have with this jacket, (and i mean the only gripe) is that there are no pockets on the front to stick your hands in. I guess if you are in the UK and you have cold hands then you gotta warm them up in your jeans, oh did i mention how comfy those Altamont jeans are yet?

The bottom line is that Reynolds and Co have come up with seriously quality gear here, this jacket is dope – go get it.

Zac Slack

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