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Altamont Barge shorts

barge-shorts-chocolate-altamontAltamont have some great summer clothing out right now so if you are getting fed up with sweating your balls off in this heat then read on. Shorts have either graced your body since you were a kid and are destined to appear from the wardrobe on May 1st, or the thought of wearing cut down trousers and exposing your sorry-arse excuse for legs is just too much to consider. The fact that you are on this page right now clarifies you are probably connected with the former. But the question is, who is putting out decent shorts this year?

If you desire a pair of shorts that are comfy and cut to shape then Altamont are offering a decent option right now. These chocolate coloured Barge shorts are durable due to a mix of 55% cotton and 45% polyester so skating in them is definitely on. They are designed with 2 deep pockets on the front and back so you an easily carry your daily gubbins, and come with a clip and button to fasten, plus a zip for easy access to your crown jewels.

There are no strings attached, no over branding, no silly studs, or pockets you don’t need- just a simple, quality made, bifurcated garment from Andrew Reynolds’ company that doesn’t use your computer to search wikipedia for a fancy word. Go get some.