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Alien Workshop – Dylan Rieder Mindfield Deck 8”

Who hasn’t seen Mindfield? If you answered “me” to this question, then I suggest you stop reading now, buy some rollerblades, attached 10kg diving weights to each side of each ‘blade’ and ride off a pier somewhere far away from society to remain at the bottom of the ocean for all eternity!. You won’t be missed, I promise!

To me, Dylan’s got a really good section in this film; he executes everything with style, precision and he oozes control. The opening line speaks for itself and sets up the rest of his section perfectly, watch it again, it’s good! You can tell he’s a grounded person by his skateboarding and I’m looking forward to seeing much more of him in the future.

His board recently made its way into my roll-of-fame and I have to say the shape is exactly what I expected, a nice medium concaved 8 inch deck with an even-ish nose and tail ratio that allows you to get loose in a bowl as well as wild on the streets. I like the shape of this particular board a lot, it’s probably as perfect as they come if you like to skate a bit of everything. It’s solid, but rather light for it’s girth, that always good. The graphic promotes the new Alien Workshop bideo, not sure why, because everyone’s seen it and if you haven’t, you know what to do!

I recommend this ride to anyone who loves a bowl, bank, rail, ledge and hip, it’s a good all-rounder and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this beast.

Emilio Gonzales