Etnies Recognition Tour – London

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The Etnies Recognition Tour rolled into London on Saturday 30th May bringing with it a busload of the next generation of rippers to the capital. Following a frenzied signing session at Slam City Skates the team made their way over to Bay66 whilst the hot sun beat down on the cracks of the A40 and kids filled the park with anticipation.

Repping the demo were Ryan Sheckler, Sean Malto, Axel Cruysberghs, Tuukka Korhonen, Davis Torgerson, Kyle Leeper, the newcomer Devine Calloway and Tyler Bledsoe. It’s pretty safe to say that this demo went down a storm to a packed house who were buzzing on what went down on the day.

Both Devine and Tyler were crocked but they were still stoked at the Bay hanging whilst the rest of the team hit the street course. They were gutted but sorely missed by many.

Sean Malto is a demo machine, smooth as summer cherries throughout.

Malto signed his life away to the delight of the crowd. Mob deep.

Davis didn’t stop all afternoon and the buzzbomb that is Axel Cruysberghs is still Flip’s European Ace card.

Sheckler went round the park like he’d skated there everyday for years. Straight out of the box and nailed to the fence after time.

Top tunes, amazing skating, hot sunshine and happy people. Recognition indeed.