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88 Shoes

88 Shoes-Justin Strubings

Justin Strubings

I’m not sure, but the only place you might find these babies are on E-Bay or in the bargain bin… The reason being that 88 Shoes no longer exists, replaced by Vox. Anyway, while 88 Shoes did fill up our shelves, Justin Strubing rode for them and anyone who has witnessed how this guy skates knows he’s in control no matter how fast, steep or awkward the terrain. The shoes themselves are functional and relatively simple. My pair were jet black which always works better than dazzling white because they are skate shoes not shoes for the disco. However, the materials used aren’t super resistant, so after a few skates, the sole is already wearing flat and the leather is starting to crack. Oh dear… Not my favouritest shoes ever, but good none the less. Have fun finding a pair!

Ralph Lloyd-Davis