Skateboarding Product Reviews

5Boro 8″ deck

So Steve has been banging on about this Harlow park so we headed down there and started doing what the new generation does so much better. I managed to successfully imitate a fish out of water with my rusty ol’ bones and snap my board within 10 minutes of arriving. Great! So Zac saved my ass with this 5Boro that was thankfully waiting for a shred in the back of the beast.

This beauty is an eight inch board, with pop art style graphics that Andy Warhol would be proud of. Eye candy for some, eyesore for others depending on who you ask, especially when you combine it with my multi colour Hubbas! At first i struggled a bit because the tail is pretty short,but I guess that’s what they mean by a “street board.” The concave is pretty mellow which suits me just fine, and the nose/tail press angle is somewhere in between. This is an ideal 8 inch for anyone wanting to step up a belt weight from 7’75” , because the board tapers quite a lot towards the nose and tail, giving the illusion that it’s thinner. So i spend about 15 minutes making a fool of myself, but, after a few adjustments, I figured it all out. I absoutely love this deck. I think it’s partly due to my board looking like something that has come out of the Hersheys chocolate factory!

The board has taken a beating and even survived one of my tantrums, so the wood is definitely strong. Partly because none of the layers are stained. More stains means softer wood and more delams. So basically 5Boro have made a no nonsense board with a short tail and 8 inches of girth that looks like it belongs in the Tate. If you have a sense of humour, you would be stoked on this rig. Check out a recent interview with Steve Rodriguez from 5Boro here and support the cause.

Brendan Ryall