Puig’s Moves

Lucas Puig – Kickflip BS nosebluntslide c/o Thrasher France ph. Nikwen Practice makes perfect… c/o Cliche Skateboards
Nick Jensen – Switch FS nosegrind fakie flip out.
Danny Gotimer – BS wallride.
Soy Panday – FS boardslide pop out.
Terrell Robinson – Nollie BS bigspin.
Mike Chalmers – Switch FS flip.
Shaun Gregoire – Ollie up FS bluntslide.
Danny Montoya – FS noseslide to fakie nosegrind.

Top 5 wax replacements:

1. KY Jelly
2. Olive oil
3. Phlegm
4. Banana skins
5. Ice cream

Pic of the week:

Andre Calvo ollies over his lazy mate Felix. Ph. Charlie Francis

Sequence of the Week

Mark Brewster gets fresh on the Bay mini courtesy of Gorm

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