Moves Gettin the Moo’s

Pic above from Chill Magazine (No.14) Photographer: Huynh
Lucas Puig – Backside flip fakie nose manual 180 out
Ted DeGrosSwitch flip
Bryan HermanHardflip
Malcolm WatsonBacksideflip fakie manual revert
Sam PartaixAlley-oop fakie 5-0
Ryan HollowayKickflip wallride – (only the patient will be graced)

Top 5 rainy day duties:

1. Spot hunting
2. Video watching
3. Board cleaning
4. Tea boiling
5. Monkey spanking, Bishop bashing, Meat beating, Chicken choking, Granny Strangling…

Top 3 recent skate videos worth your money.

1. 411VM 14-3
2. Almost presents Cheese and Crackers
3. The Story Film Makers Guild presents…Kolma