Moves Gettin’ the Mooooos!

Rocky Norton: Drop of Faith (c/o ^ Thrasher Magazine July 2006 ^)
Daniel Todorovic: Half cab boardslide 270 pop over and out
Christophe: fakie 5-0 shove it out
Pryce Holmes: Frontside 50-50 backside bigspin up and out
Jonas Skroder: Varial heelflip
Andrew Reynolds: Switch backside heelflip
John Cardiel: Frontside 5-0
Woody: Big snaps
Mark Gonzales: Take your pick

Top 5 paradoxal parasites:

1. Rollerblade wax on marble ledges.
2. I-pods at a skatepark.
3. Pretty sticker jobs on the nose, tail or middle of your board.
4. Girlfriends on skate trips.
5. Bad Attitudes.