Dompierre’s Moos

Nick Dompierre – Kickflip ph. Gabe Morford c/o Spitfire wheels
Daewon Song – Fakie manual fakie flip out.
Chris Haslam – Switch banana Split? Switch Donkey Flip? Switch Bicycle rider? Steve..?.
Chris ‘Avi’ Atherton – Skating.
Nick Kinzler – FS 50-50.
Stephane ‘la Fouine’ Giret – BS tailslide bigspin out.
Ryan Sheckler – BS 180.
Wayne Gallagher – Full cab.

Top 5 Flair-outs

1. Face paint
2. Multiple bandanas
3. Spastic arm gestures
4. Boomboxes
5. Same shoe two colours

Top 5 Pain aches…(sent by Brain Gayle from Northampton)

1. Bollock slaps on rails
2. Palm skin flap!
3. Hippers
4. Shinner!
5. Ankle tweaks

Pic of the Week: Alan Robinson is snapped with a sunset ridden by Rob G in Guildford…