Koston’s Moves

Eric Koston – FS 360 ph. Jeff Landi c/o The Skateboard Mag
Corey Duffel – Ollie into bank.
Justin Strubing – Smith Grind pop out.
Maysam Faraj – Boardslide pop over.
Julian Davidson – Pop Shove-it.
Marcus McBride – Heelflip.
Todd Hoberger – Walljam.

Top 5 Product that failed to flog:

1. Cancerous Shoe-Goo
2. Flimsy Bone-ite boards
3. Bare minimum single bearing wheels
4. Pointless truck copers
5. $400 fashion

Top 5 Hair Cuts

1. Tony Hawk (Powell era)
2. Louis Barletta (check the new interview in Slap/Feb 07)
3. Jason Dill
4. Davross
5. Patrick Melcher (apparantly a Ginger Bastard so says his latest Death ad!)

Pic of the week:

Matt Thomas floats a 360 flip in the midst of Autumn ph. Alan Robinson