Mariano’s Moves – Happy Moo Year!

Guy Mariano – Fakie pop shove-it to switch over crooks 180 out Ph. Oli Barton c/o Transworld
Travis Stenger – Switch flip.
Joseph Biais – FS 360 Nosegrab.
Tony Ferguson – BS pivot 270 revert out.
Gerard Gademann – Kickflip BS tailslide.
Eric Thomas – FS Salad grind.

Top 5 New Year’s resolutions:

1. Less wax
2. More speed
3. Get 360 flips wired
4. Stop pussing out
5. Skate everything!

Crossfire’s Crystal Ball predicts…

• Uphill bombing
• Re-launch of Pro Top Trumps
• London Mayor Ken Livingston enforces Congestion charge at Southbank on Sundays
• Danny Way hired for remake of the Bionic Man
• Dreadlocks are in, New eras are out
• Skate-stopper liberation army goes global
• Stevie Williams hooks up with Jaime Thomas to promote Ghetto Rails, a 7-stair concept that ‘real’ street technicians get gnarly with.
• Zac Slack dyes his hair blonde…

Pic of the Week:

Even Burnside has their own Whale – Peter Gunn rides the blubber with hammers on the starboard side c/o of Sideshow Bob